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Caltech Vanpool Program

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Although Caltech does not currently operate its own vans, we encourage the use of vanpools as an alternative means to driving alone. A vanpool consists of at least six or more Caltech staff/student/faculty members who live outside of the "Caltech boundary"—defined by Del Mar, Catalina, Arden, Hill and California—and who do not live in Caltech-owned housing. They must travel together the majority of their commute trips to Caltech and/or JPL and travel together for at least half of their commute distance.

Financial incentives and preferential parking spaces are available for Caltech employees who vanpool to work. Registered vanpool vehicles may obtain a parking permit and park in reserved parking space at no cost. Vehicles parked in their designated vanpool space must display a valid reserved parking permit.

If you are interested in vanpooling and would like to be part of a vanpool please fill out the vanpool questionnaire and return to


Vanpooling—which is like carpooling, only bigger, with 5 to 15 people commuting together comfortably in a van—is ideal for people who travel 15 or more miles to work. And now the Metro Vanpool Program will pay up to $400 every month toward the cost of the van's lease.

Join thousands of vanpool commuters and make the switch from driving alone. In a survey of Metro Vanpool participants, nearly half of respondents say they save $100 to $200 a month on commuting costs by vanpooling instead of driving—and another 20% save more than $300 monthly. That's a lot of money to keep in your wallet rather than pouring into your gas tank. Plus, you'll put fewer miles on your car, get to work less stressed, and cut an average of 40 minutes a day from your commute time when you travel in a carpool lane.

Join a Metro Vanpool Today
It's easy and free to find an available seat using Metro's online Seat Finder. Just plug in start and end locations to find a Metro Vanpool that serves your commute.

For more information on the Metro Vanpool Program, go to